Law of Attraction


Authentic Power: the inherent and divine ability to manifest the life you love to create. 

~Tracee Sioux, Law of Attraction Coach

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Do you have what you want? Do you have the love you desire? Are you being driven by your Soul’s purpose? Are you doing work that excites you? Are you experiencing joy in your life? Do you wake up everyday knowing that you are living out your dreams.

Or are do you have that stabby feeling when you think about getting up and going to work one more damn day? Do you struggle to find the meaning in your busyness? Do you wish for this and that, but it never comes, no matter what you do? Do you beat yourself up about the same things over and over, never coming to a resolution within yourself?

People used to say to me, Tracee, you think you should get whatever you want!

Uh, yeah I do. Why shouldn’t I? I want the same for you.

You should get what you want. 

I teach people how to get what they want using the Law of Attraction and other spiritual laws.

Law of Attraction is the means by which you can make what you want come to you. Things come to you as a result of your beliefs, thoughts and actions. You’re creating your life every second of every day. You’re creating your life intentionally or your life is just happening to you because you’re not effectively using the Universal laws. You send out a frequency—your attitude, beliefs, thoughts, actions and happiness quotient—that the Universe responds to. The power is in knowing how to send the Universe the signals that get you what you want.

Would it surprise you to know that most people make the same few mistakes when trying to get what they want?

Top 3 reasons people don’t have what they want

1. They really don’t know what they want and/or they are conflicted about what they want.

2. Poor editing and the wrong use of words when asking for what they want.

3. Believing something that isn’t even true.

Getting what you want is a learnable skill. These are simple mistakes that can be fixed with changes of habit and belief.

My clients get what they want quickly once we begin working together. When you work with me you get a dose of audacity and straight talk. I am highly intuitive, able to hep you tune into what your Soul is really wanting. Even better, I’m able to help my clients navigate the real world steps required to manifest it.

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